Outlooks Foundation and Western High School

February 2, 2016

Las Vegas, NV, Feb. 2016 – Outlook Foundation in a joint partnership with Western High School of Las Vegas was able to donate over 25 laptops and computers to very deserving students of different local high schools. All of it was made possible through a generous donation from our ongoing and long term partner HP Computers.

The Outlook Foundation would also like to thank Liberty and Mary at Western High School for assisting us with getting out the laptops and computers to the students.

Here is a list of some of the students and their schools.
Carmen CM. – Western
Cristian C.- Western
Max C. – Western
Valeria S. – Western
Tyteana K. – Western
Nathan C. – Western
DeAndre B. – Western
Tabitha B. – Western
Adan G. – Western
Valentina C. – Western
Seeirrah E. – Desert Pines
Araceli P. – Desert Pines
Aariah D. – Valley
Brandon H. – Western
Raymundo M. – Western
Kevin C. – Western
Talia B. – Western
Carmen S. – Western
Exequiel Y. – Western
Cassandra R. – Rivera
Brenda C. – Ventura Valley
Naykera T. – Ventura Valley
Alexis S.- Sunrise MT
Kayren G.- Sunrise MT


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