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You can help change a life!

Providing a computer to a under resourced children so that it will assist in opening doors of opportunities, and the Outlook Foundation aspires to help these families embrace those prospects by providing education vouchers which will allow computer recipients to pursue technology education at no cost to the family.

By walking that extra mile alongside our adopted families, the foundation and its partners are providing the chance at better, more financially secure futures for these young people.


  • Donate Monetarily: dollars, matching funds, monthly pledges.
  • You can transfer stocks or other securities to the Outlook Foundation; you receive a tax deduction for the fair market value.
  • Volunteering is a great way to donate without spending money, and it makes you feel more directly involved.
  • Donate your time. Seek those volunteers who have an expertise in refurbishing the hardware of computers.
  • Sponsor approved funding activities in your neighborhood, youth groups, and churches.
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  • Gifts-in-Kind are a company’s first-quality, excess inventory or produced-to-give products donated to refurbish computers.
  • Corporate philanthropic involvements – partnerships with the Outlook Foundation provides a path for investing in children and their future.
  • Corporations that have a matching employee contribution plan.
  • Donate Products – learn about the type of products we accept from corporations and how donated products impact the lives of our recipients.
  • Active Storage- Collect computer related software and accessories and donate to under resourced children and deployed military families.
  • Fundraising organized Events – Using a special athletic event team (baseball game) or personal (marathon) to raise funds.

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