Donation to Pat Diskin Elementary School

November 3, 2017

The Outlook Foundation announces that on November 3rd, 2017, they were able to give out 20 HP computers w/ Windows 10 Pro, 19″ LCD monitors, new keyboards, and mice to Pat Diskin Elementary School in Las Vegas.

Special thanks, Principal Regina Ballard and Administrator Holly Lee for making the necessary arrangements to make this presentation possible. 20 kids in much need of these computers were on hand to accept the donations made possible with the Outlook Foundations partnerships with Red Rock Casino, Palms Casino, CDW, and Amerigas.

Robert Biede the President of the Outlook Foundation was on hand to present the computers to the kids. All the kids Robert spoke to reported either they did not have a computer in the home or the computer in the home was broken. The kids were very excited by the opportunity to receive this donation, free of charge.


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